Eve Color Nail Lacquer (White Transparent)

The versatile formula primes and protects nails with one easy stroke. As a base coat, it prevents nail staining and as a topcoat, it protects nail polish, leaving a high gloss finish.

  • Primes and protects nails
  • Dries to a high gloss finish



What is Nail Lacquer?

Nail lacquer is a recent discovery, available in the markets in the last few years. When you apply a varnish to anything, you do it to give the substance a glossy and smooth finish. The same is true with nail lacquers.

Nail lacquers, also known as varnishes, add thickness to your nails. They apply smoothly and dry quickly. They give your nails a lustrous look and a trendy, fashionable style to your hands that is feminine and attractive.

A mix of many different chemicals creates nail lacquers. Solvents like ethyl acetate provide a liquid base with varnish and other ingredients suspended. Thickeners ensure the color particles distribute evenly throughout the solution. Resins in the mixture make sure that the lacquer bonds to the nails.

The terms nail lacquers and nail polishes are synonymous. However, there are differences between the two. 

  • Use nail lacquers to protect your nails. Use nail polish for decorating and coloring your nails.
  • Nail polish is often much thinner in consistency than nail lacquers. Nail lacquers are renowned for their thickness.
  • Nail polish lends a designer look to your nails. Nail lacquer makes your nails look shiny and glossy.
  • One of the advantages of choosing nail lacquers over nail polishes is that they strengthen your nails with their thick coating.
  • Many stylists and cosmetologist recommend nail lacquers because they are durable and chip resistant.
  • Nail polish is available in more colors and shades than nail lacquers.

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