MAC Snow Ball BB Foundation

The MAC Company, which appeared in 1984, was formed due to an unfortunate misunderstanding in the cosmetics market, namely, the complete absence of highly targeted cosmetics for preparing models' makeup for photo shoots. Two friends solved this problem - Frank to scan, who was a makeup artist by occupation, and Frank Angelo, who owned a network of beauty salons. This decision became the brand whose abbreviated name is MAC. Consumer products were originally conceived as highly professional and high quality cosmetic products to help the makeup artist create a variety of looks. One of these means is the MAC Snow Ball BB Foundation.

Advantages and benefits 

The distinctive qualities of this cream are professional strict quality, of the level that can only exist at the moment. Having appeared in the winter collection, it has become a real salvation from all the weather conditions that this time of year implies - snow, rain, blizzard do not change his stamina on his face. Although, as time shows, the sun also did not affect or change this quality. Among the main advantages of a cosmetic product are:

  • Due to the abundance of various ingredients, one tube contains and fits half of the average female cosmetic bag. The cream completely replaces the makeup base, moisturizer and powder.
  • Does not leave marks on clothes and has a pleasant smell.
  • It consists only of natural ingredients.
  • Suitable even for mixed faces.
  • Doesn't clog pores. Prevents skin aging by moisturizing, nourishing and smoothing it.
  • Gives the skin a matte finish only not immediately, as is usually done, but after a few minutes.
  • It has excellent camouflaging properties, thanks to which you can hide everything you need so as not to be ashamed of your own body, both in front of yourself and in front of others.
  • Perfectly protects from the sun, which in summer has become very useful for the skin.
  • Heals and prevents the reappearance of problems such as flaking, rashes and redness.
  • The cream has passed all clinical trials and is approved by dermatologists.

Due to the fact that this cosmetic product exists in several shades, it will be quite easy to choose the right color for yourself.

Mode of application

Despite the fact that this cream did not receive the legendary black wrapper that made this brand famous all over the world, the company management approached the choice of packaging for the cream as always strictly and with some degree of practicality. This is a simple plastic dispenser bottle with a volume of 30 ml. No specialized tools are required to apply it. If you don't have a brush on hand, you can use your fingers to apply. It is also important to rinse off the cream before going to bed. But even with this, nothing will be difficult - any simplest makeup cleaner will do.

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Excellent with this price tag

Its was really good, looking forward to order some more in near future

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nice shirt and quality is great and there was no problem in shipping


The product delivered is as it is shown in the pictures.


Really good stuff and the product delivered is as it is shown in the pictures.